If you’re looking for a super-soothing, skin-nourishing zinc sunscreen, this could be for you!

Price: $AU42 for 150g at Mecca Cosmetica

Inclusivity: This is a zinc-based sunscreen, and zinc oxide in its raw form is a white pigment. I am able to get the whiteness to dissipate by applying in light layers rather than a thick glob all at once. That said, I’m a MAC NW13 or maybe a NW30 with fake tan on. I’m not confident that it would be suitable for a much deeper skintone than mine.

Makeup Compatibility: It’s a very moisturising base for makeup, and you can comfortably wear a matte foundation over top without it pulling the life out of your skin.
I’d skip the moisturiser and face oil and just put hydrating serum underneath.
There’s no flashback, swipe for a flash photo (3 is flash, 4 is soft daylight)
But I wouldn’t reapply over makeup. You’ll need a different formula for that, as this will tint your face too white.

Feel and Finish: So, so nourishing. Amazing for the legs for a really nice glow! And definitely a glow finish for the face. I applied makeup over top then used blotting paper to get the more satiny look you can see in these images.

Best for Skin Types: Normal to dry

Fragrance: Fragrance free!

Alcohol: NA

UV Filter/s: Zinc Oxide 22.7%

Sensitivity: It’s really soothing. Perfect for me at the moment – my skin is a little angry

Pore Clogging: It hasn’t been an issue for me but be sure to cleanse thoroughly after use. It does contain coconut oil, which can be heavy for congestion-prone skin types.

⁣Eye Sting: NA

⁣AUST-L: 339648

⁣Bonus Ingredients: Antioxidants Vitamin C and E, and nourishing fatty acids to really help soothe skin.

Altogether it’s been a dream for my recent sensitivity, so if you have fair, dry, or sensitive skin, this could be for you. I’ll be using it on my limbs for the glow this summer.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face & Body SPF30 Physical Zinc was provided to me as a PR Sample. Read my disclosure policy here.