Is your sunscreen wishlist;
✔️ Nourishing,
✔️ Calming,
✔️ Portable,
✔️ Budge-Proof,
✔️ Suitable for face and body?

Price: $38 for 50g at Mecca Cosmetica

Inclusivity: There’s no whitecast for me, even when I applied a LOT (check my Reel below).
I have yet to see a review on a skintone deeper than mine but let me know if you’ve seen one!

Makeup Compatibility: It’s a very nourishing base for makeup, so you could wear your most mattifying base without worrying about looking dry.
It applies fine over light makeup, it won’t move it if you apply straight from the stick.
The cover image below was taken with flash and there is no flashback. Swipe for a picture taken in soft daylight.

Feel and Finish: It’s a balmy texture that feels nourishing and stays PUT. The finish is glowy.

Skin types: Best for normal to dry skin, definitely, or if you’re in a situation that you need it to stick. Outdoor exercise, for example.

Fragrance: NA

Alcohol: NA

UV Filter: Zinc Oxide 22.7%

Sensitivity: It’s soothing. I used it on a really sensitive day and it helped a lot!

Pore Clogging: It is quite waxy, like any product in stick form. I haven’t had an issue but definitely patch test if you’re concerned.

Eye Sting: NA

AUST-L: 340802

Bonus Ingredients: Antioxidant Vitamin E

So in these pictures I’m wearing a quarter teaspoon on my face,
It certainly stays put through heat and sweat, and really calms and nourishes skin.
I really like how portable it is, too, so I can throw it in my bag and know it won’t leak.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF30 Sunscreen Stick was provided to me as a PR Sample. Read my disclosure policy here.

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