Looking for a basic, easily accessible moisturising sunscreen for sensitive skin?
Here, I review the original Bondi Sands sunscreen for face. We’ll compare it to the Bondi Sands Hydra UV Protect Face SPF50+ at a later date.

Bondi Sands’ social media is quite diverse and if you search #bondisandssuncare on Instagram you’ll find Moisturising Face SPF50+ on several different skintones. Tick. Although inclusivity should be the bare minimum in beauty, it’s rare that I immediately find pictures of a sunscreen on a deep skintone.
This sunscreen utilises organic UV filters too, which are more likely to be clear for all skintones.

Makeup Compatibility:
Moisturising Face SPF50+ is a moisturising base for makeup. It’s best used in place of moisturiser for all but the driest skin, otherwise you may find it too emollient.
There’s no flashback, swipe for photos taken on skin in daylight and with flash. I am wearing precisely 1/4 teaspoon on my face in both photos.
I would use a mattifying primer over top for more longevity on my combination skin.
Makeup does not separate over this sunscreen, and there’s no pilling.

Skin Types:
Normal to dry. If you don’t want too much glow, oily skin could use this sunscreen in place of moisturiser, use mattifying primer over top, and set with powder.


Contains fragrance or alcohol?
No and no

UV Filters:
All organic – Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, Avobenzone.

None experienced, I found it quite soothing actually.

Eye Sting:
NA. Win.

Pore clogging:
Not for me, but this is highly individual

Bonus Ingredients:
Aloe Vera (soothing, hydrating) and Vitamin E (soothing, antioxidant)

AUST-L: 317890⁣

It’s also 4 hours water resistant. Altogether I recommend this if you like a creamy, moisturising, unscented sunscreen that won’t irritate your skin.
You can buy the Bondi Sands SPF50+ for face in Australia or internationally here. It’s $AU14 approx for 75mL.

Sunscreen was provided to me as a PR sample. Read more about my disclosure policy here.

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