After a comfortable sunscreen for the pharmacy? One with updated UV filters and a non-greasy finish?
Meet Bondi Sands’ Hydra UV Protect Face Fluid SPF50+

Price: $19.95AU for 40mL at Bondi Sands, Priceline or Chemist Warehouse. It’s quite small, but this means it’s nice and portable.

Inclusivity: It dries down clear for me, I wonder if the Tinosorbs and the silica might cause problems for darker skin but they are there at a small percentage (fun fact, the Tinosorbs give quite a lot of UV protection at smaller percentages, meaning the sunscreen formula is often much more elegant. That’s because there’s more space for nice-feeling ingredients).

Makeup Compatibility: No flashback (swipe to the end for a flash photo), doesn’t pill, gives a slight glow and a grippy finish for makeup. It reapplies nicely over makeup, too, and adds a little more glow.

Feel and Finish: Lightweight fluid, I wouldn’t quite call it watery, and the finish is satin to glow. The least shiny of Bondi Sands’ face sunscreens.

Skin Types: Normal/combo/oily if you don’t mind a little glow.

Fragrance: N

Alcohol: N

UV Filter/s: Homosalate 8%, Octocrylene 6%, Avobenzone 5%, Uvinul T150 4%, Tinosorb M 2%, Tinosorb S 1%
This is the most advanced combination of UV filters I’ve seen from Bondi Sands yet.

Sweat Resistant: Yes, I test myself by jogging on the treadmill

Water Resistant: No

Sensitivity: None experienced, it’s designed for sensitive skin, too.

Pore Clogging: No issues for me, it’s also labelled non-comedogenic
Eye Sting: No eye sting! πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡

AUST-L: 364516

Bonus Ingredients: Silica for that grippy texture and some oil absorption, pore-blurring polymethylsilsesquioxane, antioxidant Vitamin E

Altogether, I’m impressed by the affordability, light texture, and UV filter combination and can’t wait to see what’s next from Bondi Sands Suncare. While I have you, I’d really love them to discontinue the SPF15 “sunscreen oil” though πŸ˜’
The only safe tan is a fake tan!

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