emma lewisham sunscreen bottle pictured next to a blob of the sunscreen, to illustrate the cream texture.

If you want a non-drying zinc based sunscreen with bonus skincare ingredients, this might be for you!

Price: $AU80 for 50g, via the Emma Lewisham website. Of note – the SPF is not available at David Jones, Emma Lewisham’s Australian retailer.

Inclusivity: It has a whitecast on me, which can be offset for me by using a deeper shade of foundation over top.
Deep skintones, however, don’t always have the option to use a deeper shade of foundation. They’re also prone to hyperpigmentation so still need to wear sunscreen.

Makeup Compatibility: Leaves a really silky finish that grips makeup well.
I wouldn’t use it to reapply over makeup due to whitecast.
There’s no flashback, see below and swipe for photos on my face under makeup in daylight and with flash.
In these photos I’ve added a liquid highlight to my foundation, for glow, but you could absolutely skip that step for a more satin finish.

Skin Types: I think it could work for all skin types. It’s emollient enough for dry skin, but the finish is satin enough to control oil.
If you like something very lightweight, though, it’s not for you as it’s more creamy. See texture in the photos.

Finish: ⁣Satin. Neither matte nor glowy. Skin-like.

Sensitivity: None experienced.

Eye Sting: None experienced.

UV Filter/s: Zinc Oxide (nano)

Fragrance: Yes, and there are a lot of plant extracts in here which give it a herbal scent.
Peppermint and lemon balm, for example.

Alcohol: No

Bonus Ingredients: Loads!
So the Emma Lewisham brand uses a patented blend of plant extracts chosen for their pigment blocking ability.
There’s also hydration from hyaluronic acid and glycerin, and skin-loving omega fatty acids from prickly pear, sea buckthorn, tamanu, kakadu plum, camellia, chia seed, I could go on.
Jam packed!

Pore Clogging? Not for me. This is a really individual thing so be sure to double cleanse after wearing sunscreen. ie. every day.

AUST-L: N/A – This is a product from New Zealand, where they have the same testing standards, but I would imagine this is why it’s not available at David Jones (at the time of writing).

Emma Lewisham Skin Shield Daily Face Antioxidant SPF30 was provided to me as a PR Sample. Read my disclosure policy here.

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